Please contact Dave Adlard to reserve your spot!

Or email Dave — funnflip @

Gym address: 6360 Sunshine Street, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho 83815

5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Valentin


    I am gymnastics coach from New Zealand and i have recently seen vids 0f one of your camps (vids such as the one using flexibility one with the vibration device by Jenny McNeil).

    Because in NZ there are no such camps or coaching resources i was wondering on a long shot, would i be able to purchase a copy of the footage you have from that camp, with all the coaching stuff? please contact me and let me know if I can do this, as i am always in the search of good coaching education material.

    Thank you


  2. daveadlard Post author

    Hi Valentin,

    Rick McCharles replying to your request. I am one of the website editors.

    No more video is available from the Funtastics camp. Sorry about that.

  3. June Tiefenbach - Capital city Gymnastics club-Edmonton, Alberta

    We are looking to bring 15-20 boys to your camp this summer but need more information. Start date and time. Cost. Proposed schedule of activites. I need to make up an info package for the parents and meet with them soon as many will have to get passports



  4. Jasmine Smith

    I would like to register my child in the camp but cannot download the brocure. Please contact me via e-mail
    Thank you,
    Jasmine Smith


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