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Proactive Coaching

On the Friday before Camp, Mike Morgan from Proactive Coaching delivered 3 sessions to the Avant Coeur Team.

3:00 pm – coaches
4:30 pm – athletes
6:00 pm – parents

Mike Morgan

Many of us loved the parents session. Mike didn’t go easy on problem parents.

Happily, he was preaching to the choir at our Gym. Watching our program Friday Mike Morgan was impressed. Really impressed. Avant Coeur is a role models for how our other sports should be coaching.

Interested in the good word on coaching?

LIKE Proactive Coaching on Facebook. They post several times a day.


Camp regulars Rick McCharles and John Smith led an all day session Saturday, July 20th on best practice for our instructional and pre-competitive gymnasts.

We talked the BEST, most FUN, SAFEST ways to teach gymnastics to kids.

John recommends we catch those kids doing things RIGHT. And complimenting them every time when they do.

John Smith Tumbl Trak

Let’s develop good habits right from the beginning.

Thank Tumbl Trak for sending Rick and John. And for β€”Β again this Camp β€” loaning us all that cool new Tumbl Trak equipment. πŸ™‚